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Eleni Kapogianni (Principal Investigator/coordinator)


Eleni Kapogianni is a lecturer in Linguistics at the University of Kent (United Kingdom). Her research is in the area of Pragmatics, with focus on nonliteral language and humor. She has worked extensively on the phenomenon of verbal irony and its discursive, social, and cultural aspects, while also investigating related phenomena such as parody and metaphor.

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Argiris Archakis


Argiris Archakis is a Professor of Discourse Analysis and Sociolinguistics at the Department of Philology of the University of Patras, where he has been teaching since 1997. His research interests focus on issues such as: immigration discourse, critical literacy, identity construction in discursive narratives, news discourse, parliamentary discourse, classroom interactions, attitudestowards dialects and minority languages.

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Villy Tsakona


Villy Tsakona is an Assistant Professor of Social and Educational Approaches to Language at the Faculty of Early Childhood Education of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Her research interests include mainly humor, narrative discourse and political discourse, as well as critical literacy and its educational applications.

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Vasia Tsami


Vasia Tsami holds a PhD in Linguistics from the Department of Philology of the University of Patras. Her research interests revolve around the critical analysis of humorous texts and their utilisation in teaching, within the framework of critical literacy. She has (co-)authored a number of articles on these topics, published in journals, edited volumes, and conference proceedings.

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Vasiliki Saloustrou


Vasiliki Saloustrou is a PhD candidate in Sociolinguistics and Discourse Analysis at King’s College London. Her research interests include (im)politeness theories, the discursive construction of (im)politeness evaluations, narrative analysis, as well as discursive identity construction.

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